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New Superyacht Generation


Your trip, your mode

One-Day Trip

An experience in total harmony with nature. If the trip is one day, the catamaran is able to sail 100% of the time in electric mode. Silence and pristine beauty on 40 meters of comfort.

Multi-day Trip

On a multi-day trip, Sea Cat is able to sail 90% of the time in electric mode. Navigation in hybrid mode remains active just long enough to recharge the battery. The ideal solution for exploring larger areas such as archipelagos.

Transatlantic Trip

Extraordinary performance for long trips. In a non-stop crossing of 3600 nm, Sea Cat can navigate 80% of the time in electric mode. Navigation in hybrid mode remains active just long enough to recharge the battery.


When Sea Cat is stationary and moored, it becomes the largest power bank in the world. In fact, consumption is reduced to a minimum and the energy generated can be sold to the quay or to a private property. There is enough energy to supply lighting to an entire villa.

The heart of change

Full-electric mode

The diesel generators are turned off and the catamaran is sailing only electrically with the help of batteries and photovoltaic support. Charging from the column takes only 5 hours and extends all day thanks to solar energy.

Diesel-electric mode

The diesel generators are activated to recharge the batteries that power the electric motors. The AI ​​system understands when the battery is running out and turns on the generators at the right time to give charging a boost.

Hibernation mode

The diesel generators are off and the boat is powered only through the solar panels. It's time to use Sea Cat's energy in other ways. Why not supply electricity to an entire villa?

AI & Infotainment

Imagine being in the middle of the blue Caribbean and having the most advanced technology at your disposal. It’s not a movie. It’s Sea Cat. Monitoring battery performance, checking emissions, making your navigation just perfect: artificial intelligence is the very soul of this catamaran. A brain capable of learning and anticipating the needs of guests on board. Energy efficiency is guaranteed.
Where a hybrid-electric propulsion system is installed, the software is also able to manage the battery pack in order to keep it in the optimal range. And with AI, every trip is also a show. The AI is equipped with an infotainment system that offers weather services, geographic-cultural information, and the routes of boats. Through geolocation, it can recognise natural features and detect events on land.

Follow the green star

Triple Zero

When it comes to product pluses, we love to exaggerate. For us, eco-sustainability and a green vision means not one but three advantages: Zero Noise, Zero Emission and Zero Odours. Sea Cat caresses the sea and leaves you all the freedom to experience it without unpleasant sensations.

Into the meraviglia

The sound of every single wave. The wind that paints your moments with peace. The sea in all its wonderful and incredible purity. Electric sailing elicits a multitude of sensations, but there is one that you will never forget: experiencing the natural habitat without limits. You will be able to get close to protected marine areas and beautiful nature reserves without any impact on the environment. Enjoying the pleasure of silence, you will immerse yourself in the wonder that no one can see so up close. Nature will welcome you into its arms and lull you with its rhythm.

Because Sea Cat is not just a catamaran.
It's the journey you have yet to take. The best.

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